Best High Dosage Kratom

Best High Dosage Kratom to Consume

Measuring the best high dosage Kratom to consume is the most important thing if you want to get the maximum benefits from it. The best high dosage Kratom to consume can lead you to get extremely positive benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. You can expect many of Kratom benefits in your first dose. The several benefits you can get even since the first time you take Kratom are the feeling of anxiety-relief, feeling light and pleasant throughout the body, lowered blood pressure, natural energy but not from jittery, ability to concentrate fully on work or mental activities, improve sex drive, and mental state of euphoria. If you want to know the best high dosage Kratom to consume in one sitting, please read below!

1. Super Kratom

Super Kratom is got from the largest leaves of the kratom tree. Super Kratom contains a higher number of alkaloids from the larger leaves. Customer who willing to buy this type of Kratom product will sometimes have to pay an extra-large price. Here the guidelines in each time you take Super Kratom with different level. You can take:

  1. 1-2 grams for the minimum level
  2. 3 grams for the light level
  3. 5 grams for the potent level
  4. 15 grams or more to get in the strong level

2. Premium Kratom

Premium Kratom products are made by elaborated the sifting process to weed out the majority of the stems. From the elaboration process, it will contain fewer alkaloids than Super Kratom. This method will retain only the extra-potent leafy surfaces. Here the guidelines to take Premium Kratom Indonesia with different level.

  1. 2 gram for the minimum level
  2. 4 grams for the light level
  3. 5-10 grams for the potent level
  4. 10-15+ grams for the strong level

3. Ekstrak Enhanced Kratom

This is a highly concentrated form of kratom that is created by boiling down the kratom powder into a thick resin and then being crushed. Extract from enhanced Kratom is extremely strong, even the normal kratom dosage does not apply. When the extract enhanced Kratom is added to traditional kratom powder, it will become Ultra Enhanced Kratom. Here the guidelines to take Ekstrak enhanced Kratom with different level.

  1. 1 gram for the light level
  2. 2 grams for the potent level
  3. 3 grams for the strong level
  4. 4 or more grams for very strong level

Possibility of side effect from miss Kratom dosage

Kratom abuse actually has been done since thousands of years before by indigenous people in Southeast Asia like laborers and farmers. They reportedly chewed the leaves of the plant or brewed them in tea without knowing the maximum dosage that safely to consume. It has become their habit in order to combat fatigue, increase the energy levels and productivity, and relieve the pain or strained muscles. Even though there have not been a report said that Kratom causes serious illness or death, but if you take it too much more than the recommended dosage, you will experience some mild and temporary side effects such as light nausea, sleeplessness, difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite, runny nose.

Best high dosage Kratom might different from one person to another.The first time you take a particular strain of kratom, you must pay attention to the effect of Kratom towards your thoughts and feelings. Keep tracks the dosage that you choose for the first time and how it effect you. The next time you try Kratom, you can measure the right dosage that you feel suitable for your body situation.

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