Green Maeng Da: The Proper Consumption

What’s so special about the green Maeng Da? Besides the green strain classification, this is one of the strongest variants of kratom that can be used for many purposes and usages. It can be used to improve mood and treat anxiety (as well as depression). It is great when you have mood or mental problems, related to stress, mood, and energy. Despite its greatness in enhancing mental clarity and focus (not to mention also deal with anxiety), this strain isn’t perfect as pain reliever. It won’t be much of a use in a small dosage although the higher one may be able to deliver quite a significant result. But then again, you need to remember that consuming too much of the kratom can lead to other serious issues, including addiction.


Green Maeng Da: The Pharmacology

Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da

One of the major reasons why kratom is super beneficial for the health is because of the contents. Based on the scientific studies, the general type of kratom has at least 20 different alkaloids – they are the one responsible for the mental clarity, mood enhancer, or pain relieving effects. Kratom has the so-called mitragynine, which is scientifically 13 times stronger than morphine. It is believed that the green Maeng Da contains higher level of the mitragynine although this claim still needs further studies and researches.


Green Maeng Da: Understanding Deeper of the Subject

According to the users’ testimonials, kratom is believed to act as stimulants (in lower dosage) and sedative (in higher dosage). When consumed in lower dosage, kratom can create improved focus and alertness, happier mood, physical energy improvement, and other positive traits. When used in the higher dosage, it can create a relaxed and happy feeling, a sort of euphoric sensation. The effects happen quite immediately, around 10 minutes after the consumption. How long will it last? It depends on the dosage. As one of the best variants, you probably think that the green Maeng Da will last for hours – maybe up to 5 hours after the consumption. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. This variant is, in fact, lasting only for a short while – well, unless you mix it with other strains or variants.

Green Maeng Da

Green Maeng Da

So, how much should you consume the green Maeng Da, anyway? Well, it is always advisable to limit the intake –around 1 gram to 5 grams a day. If you are only hoping to get the stimulant effect, such a number will be perfect. However, when you expect euphoria, taking around 5 grams to 15 grams would be enough. If you take it more than that, it can lead to excessive stupor and sedative effects. It may also lead to addiction. Mind you that each person has different reactions and effects for the substance – whether in low or high dosage.

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