Kilo of Kratom: How to Properly Consume It

When it comes to making a decision of how much kilo of kratom to buy or what kind of variants to purchase, the process alone can be quite difficult and tricky. It goes back to your personal preference of what kind of variant of kratom you like or how you want to have it. It is advisable that you buy the products in smaller packages first, just to get yourself used to it. And don’t hesitate to do experiments of the variants.


Kilo of Kratom: The Various Types

Kilo of Kratom

Kilo of Kratom


There are different kinds of kratoms available out there. The traditional dried leaves, for a starter, can be directly chewed or made into a tea – if you don’t mind the taste, really. When you buy kilo of kratom for this kratom, you can get more quantities. But make sure that you know the proper way to store and keep the leaves. Another type is the powder – which is common types of products. The powdery form is considered the most flexible because it can be easily mixed with foods and drinks, especially fruit juices like the grapefruit. The last one is the capsule, which is considered one of the best because of the easy consumption. You don’t have to worry about the proper storage method or about the taste. Simply pop the pills and you are good to go.


Tips in Consuming One

Kratom Wholesale

Kratom Wholesale

Before you are concerned about purchasing the kilo of kratom, here are some of the basic facts and tips for your consumption.

  • It is always better to start from small dosage – around 0.5 mg to 1 mg. After a while, you can increase the intake but you still need to limit the consumption. Depending on the type of effect you want, limit the intake to max 5 mg for stimulants and 15 mg for sedative.
  • Falling into kratom addiction is easy – just like falling into other types of addictions. You should always have intervals for the consumption, so it is better not to consume it on a daily basis. Try to get used to the idea that you only consume it during emergency situation or when you really need it. In the end, you won’t make it a habit.
  • Try different kinds of kratom types and variants. That’s why it is always advisable to buy the kratom in smaller packages.
  • Kratoms are generally quite flexible for mixing. You can try the different variants to find the best and most potent mix. It is even better if you can make a kratom diary so you know the best mixture and the dosage.

Buying the Stuff

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