White Borneo Strain: The Special Trait

Among the various types of Borneo kratom, the white Borneo kratom is considered one of the most popular variant to improve moods and mental clarity. As you are well aware of, kratom comes in different variants and strains which will affect the outcome and also potency of the substance. Whereas some kratom is good for focus and concentration, the others are good for supplement and pain relief. So, what should you know about this white strain?


White Borneo Strain: Understanding It Deeper

Depending on the location and geography of where the kratom is grown and developed, the white Borneo kratom has its own unique and signature characteristics. One of the unique signature look of this type is the white vein visible on the center of the leaves. Borneo kratom has different kind of veins, such as green, white, and red. And this white type is considered more perfect as mood enhancer.

White Borneo Strain

White Borneo Strain

According to most kratom users who have consumed this white Borneo kratom, the substance is great as stimulant that replaces caffeine. Most users have replaced their coffee with fruit juice or smoothie that has been mixed with this kratom. The idea is to generate alertness, clear mind, mental clarity, and focus. Most of the users claim that they have experienced an increased focus and energy, allowing them to tackle their task even for long hours. Any fatigue or drowsiness is instantly being gone away, and yet they don’t experience any anxiety or restlessness.

Aside from being used as stimulants, this substance is also great to treat depression or drug withdrawal. Drug addicts that have gone through rehabilitation process are often treated with a certain limit of kratom to reduce the withdrawal symptoms. This white strain is also believed to improve vitality and concentration.


White Borneo Strain: The Proper Usage

Borneo kratom for sale

Borneo kratom for sale

to achieve different effects and outcome, there is a certain guidance on how to use this white Borneo kratom strain.

  • If you want to experience improved energy and focus, consume at least 3 grams a day – 6 grams would be the max. If you are new to this, start from 1.5 gram first to get your system used to it. For a better result, you can mix it up with orange or grapefruit juice.
  • If you want to reduce stress and improve relaxation, you can take at least 7 grams a day – 9 grams should be the max. Remember that the higher the dosage, the more sedated you will be. It may induce the feeling of sleepiness and restlessness.
  • If you want to relieve pain, you can take a dosage from 7 grams to 9 grams. It is important to remember that you should have an interval in between the consumption.


White Borneo Strain: Getting the Source

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